DIY Glitter Shoes!

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that just wasn’t cutting it when it came to your style? Too boring or too old, but you just don’t have the cash to splash out on a new pair? well why not DIY them?

In this post I will show you step by step how to change these boring black heels, into something you want to boogie in!!

If you want to see how I done it just keep reading!


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I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Spring/Summer Trends 2018

Spring is finally here, and it is time to change-up our wardrobe! Whether you are going to buy all new outfits or just work with what you have, hopefully this post will help guide you through the trends hitting us this Spring and Summer!

Lets dive straight into the trends for Spring Summer 2018!!


pastelsTom Ford, Michael Kors & Valentino

When I think of summer I think of light and bright! Pastels take a more elegant approach than bright and bold colours and it is definitely a trend I’m looking forward to! If you follow trends closely you will have noticed pastels slowly creeping into all seasons. A/W 17-18, I noticed a small amount of pastels being mixed into other trends, Emilia Wickstead and Balenciaga both mixed a small amount of pastel into their collections, which I though worked nicely!

How To Style

RiverislandRiver Island

All items above are from River Island. I chose these pastel purple cropped trousers, paired them with a simple print t-shirt and styled it up with these amazing white mule boots, finishing off the look with a small cross body bag. This outfit is a perfect everyday look, which can also be turned into an evening look, by replacing the bag with a clutch and adding a pair of tassel earrings!


slipsAlexander Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg &  Ralph Lauren

Slips are a perfect choice for spring/summer! We have seen slips being styled very differently in the past few years, showing us that they are not just for the evening time but can be worn as casual attire! The styling I loved was the slip with a t-shit as it gave a very 90s feel and this style is sticking around! Buying a slip is almost like an investment, you can make many looks with it and wear it night and day!

How To Style


I wanted to give this look a real 90s vibe, so I went with this baby pink wrap dress. I know it’s not exactly a slip dress, but it is close enough. I paired the dress with a white long sleeve t-shirt and a light wash denim jacket. To finish off the look I chose these off white slip on trainers and a light pink fluffy bag! All these items are from Topshop.

Bold & Bright

brightsCalvin Klein, Marc Jacobs & Versace

I would have been surprised if bright colours didn’t pop up in the S/S trends! I am happy they did, as I usually run away from colours, but I am trying to introduce some colour for the coming months! The designers really went for it this season and I loved all of them, especially the above 3!

How To Style

brightRiver Island

This styling is so different for me as it is definitely something I wouldn’t see on myself, but after putting it together, I kind of love it! I know it will be getting much warmer now, and a heavy coat like the one I chose maybe too heavy, but in Ireland you can never be too prepared! I love this colour palette and it is definitely for someone who likes to go outside the box! What do you think? would you wear it?

Pencil Skirts

skirtFendi, Erdem & Victoria Beckham

There is nothing like a good pencil skirt! I was quite excited to see these skirts coming back in, even though they barely left! But the fact they are a main trend means, we will see so many different styles and takes on the original!

How To Style

riverisland.River Island

This outfit is by far my favourite of this post! I am living for this open front denim skirt and the triple colour jumper, all from River Island! As you can see I snuck in the white mules again, and to be honest I think they complete this outfit!! This outfit is definitely going into to wish list!


transparentDior, Emilia Wickstead & Y Project

Transparent isn’t an unusual trend to see for summer, and I think designers done an amazing job with this trend. My favourite being Emilia Wickstead, the black contrasting with the sheer white is just stunning!

How To Style


Bringing transparent into ready to wear might be a little difficult, as it needs to be suitable. Styling this look was fun, as it reminded me of outfits I wore when I was younger (referring to the wide leg jeans). I chose a cropped transparent poka dot top and this gorgeous black lace bralette to wear under it. I kept the look quite casual by pairing it with white lace up trainers and a black belt with silver detail. All items can be found at Topshop

Denim, Denim & More Denim

denimThierry Mugler, Adam Selman & Tom Ford

Denim is that one thing that will never go out of fashion, but this year they decided to multiply it! Many designers opted for the denim on denim look and to be honest I love it! Some designers like Tom Ford went for a light weight denim, which is probably a good idea considering denim can be quite warm, and wearing a lot of it isn’t something one would want on a hot day!

How To Style


This outfit is quite mismatch, but there is something I just LOVE about it! I went for these awkward cut wide leg light washed denim jeans, a light weight denim camisole and a bright red denim jacket! To finish off the outfit I chose nude pink gumsole trainers, a silver metallic bag and silver oval sunglasses. It is feeling quite 90s!

Other Trends!

The following are other trends that have been seen on the runway for Spring/Summer 2018!

Trench Coats

trenchAlexander McQueen, Simone Rocha & Loewe


plastic.jpgChanel, Valentino & Marc Jacobs


textureBalmain, Elie Saab & YSL


shorts.jpgPaco Rabanne, Chloe & YSL


I hope you enjoyed this post!

What trends are you looking forward to? or what trends do you not want to see? Let me know in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you!

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Leather Love!

Ohhh I am so happy it is Fall!! Fall and Winter are my favourite times of the year in regards fashion! I find I can truly be myself during these months, I can wear my leather jackets whenever I want, and I can layer my clothes!

For this post I decided to style my new little number from Zara, and it is this fab faux leather jacket with silver hardware! I got this for my birthday and I’ve been in love ever since!


I have paired the jacket with my River Island cropped black jeans, this new Khaki green jumper from Primark/Penny’s and my new Chelsea style boots, which are also from Primark/Penny’s!



Zara Jacket


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Laid Back In Loafers!

As you can tell I am really loving my denim jacket lately! Today I went for a pretty laid back outfit as I am not up to much! I paired my denim jacket with my River Island Metallica T-shirt, cropped Molly Jeans and my River Island Black Fur Loafers!

The Black Fur loafers are a recent purchase and I love them with this outfit, They are also very comfortable!





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Doing It In Denim!

I’ve been loving this outfit lately, I recently pulled out my trusty oversized demin jacket from my wardrobe and I haven’t put it back since! It is the perfect weight for the Irish weather, it’s not too heavy and not too light!

I paired it with my new River Island jeans and my Primark body suit. I haven’t worn an outfit like this in a while, and the main reason for that was my weight gain. I felt uncomfortable and to be honest embarrassed, but I recently heard someone say you should be yourself and not care how other people see you, to be you and not what is expected of you! It seemed to get through to me, because I’ve started to wear what I want and what I like, instead of things that hide my weight!





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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!!

Although it is still summer I can’t help but find myself still wearing black! The weather here in Ireland isn’t what you would find in Spain, so I can pretty much get away with it!

When transitioning into the Fall season it is the perfect time to start lightly layering, here you will see I am wearing a long chiffon top with a Karki green Kimono over it. This layering is light and definitely suitable for the mild weather!

I paired the outfit with my Topshop amo boots and my beige Kurt Geiger bag.





These items are not available anymore, but I will link similar versions!

Shop Here:

Untitled collage (16)Untitled collage (19)Untitled collage (17)Untitled collage (18)

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Trend Spotting: Summer Sliders!

Lets be honest, sliders are ugly, but it is the kind of ugly that has made them popular and wanted by many fashion lovers!

Sliders were generally a plain strapped shoe, they were designed for comfort and not for style. Designers and celebrities such as Rihanna have taken the boring slider and given it a complete do over!

Now when you google sliders you will see many different styles, furry, jeweled and even metallic. These new styles have made the slider popular among fashion lovers as it allows them to be stylish but comfortable at the same time!!


Above you can see celebrities Khloe Kardashian, the Olsen twins and Rihanna sporting their sliders! Khloe is wearing simple black furry slider, the Olsen twins are rocking the original Berkenstock sliders and Rihanna its showcasing her Fenty Bow Sliders.

Where To Buy











Forever 21



New Look



How To Style

Topshopoutfit^^All Items are available from Topshop^^


^^ All items are available from Newlook ^^

I personally love the new sliders and I have my eye on the Topshop buckle sliders! I’m already planning outfits in my head!

What do you think of the new fashion sliders? are you a fan or do you think they are too much? let me know 😁😘

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It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding!

Last week I attended a wedding for the first time in almost 10 years! I love an excuse to buy an expensive dress and doll myself up to the nines, so you can imagine my excitement coming up to this wedding!

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to wear, I searched high and low for the right dress! I ended up ordering 4 dresses from Littlewoods Ireland, and I fell in love with this gorgeous Myleene Klass dress!

This dress ticked all my boxes and more, when I seen the back detail I was sold!












Where To Buy








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The Design Diary: Customer Board

In the previous post I completed a toile of a skirt, the next step is to work with the skirt on the stand and in Photoshop.

The reason I do this is to further the design development. The first toile is never the finished garment, simply because you are going to want to make changes, whether they are big or small.

Again I use Photoshop to edit the images, here I outlined that I could change the skirt to a long back and short front style. I could also widen the skirt and make it more full using tulle.

The next thing I done was created a few new designs using samples from the previous post, these were the square drapes made from satin. I made several designs for both the top and the skirt.

I really like the designs I created, the skirt design above with all the layered drapes is definitely my favourite! I quickly moved on to new samples, without furthering any of the designs above.

New Samples


In the images above you can see the process I followed to create the following samples. This process is also used to make circle skirts, which is actually what pushed me to create these samples!


I created several styles using paper first! Using paper to test a sample is a very handy and penny saving trick, this way you can test if the sample is worth cutting out in fabric!


Above are the paper samples I created, all of the samples turned out perfect, so I began to test them in the calico fabric


The first sample is a simple square, these samples are small and will be suited for working on the small mannequin.


On the mannequin the sample looks interesting and is definitely worth developing further.


The next sample was a square with the corners cut off.

On the mannequin I tested this sample out on the top half of the body instead of the bottom. I really do like this sample, but I also feel as if I have seen it before.


The next sample is a rectangle shape with a smaller circle cut out, this will allow for better frills.


This sample worked out even better than the previous ones. I would like to see this with a bit more structure!


To make the structured sample, I ironed a fabric stiffener to the back of some calico. I cut out the rectangle shape with the small center, the same as the previous sample.


I was actually a little disappointed with the structured sample. I was expecting it to look more interesting.


Next I decided to test out the square sample in a light fabric and a heavy fabric. The sample above is made from a light chiffon.


Using a light fabric creates a really nice drape! I think this design would look really good if it had more layers using different lengths.


This sample was made from a double backed satin, which is pretty thick.


This sample is very interesting! I personally love structure when it comes to design, especially structured skirts, like that designed by Zac Posen! I’m unsure if I want to have this kind of structure for this collection, but I will definitely refer back to it for later collections.

Design Development


After working with the small samples I decided to do a few sketches based on them. I explored different lengths, layers and bodices.


Choosing the skirt design I liked the most I drew up a quick line up for the first dress. I paired the skirts with my favourite tops I have designed so far. Still unsure about which I like the most I moved on to working on the larger mannequin.

Stand Work


The first sample I made for the larger scale mannequin was the square shape. I was disappointed with how boring it actually looked on the large mannequin. Under the sample is the skirt toile I made in the last post.


The next sample I made was the rectangle shape. This shape definitely looks a lot better than the square! I placed it over the skirt so the long part of the sample was placed at the front and back, while the short ends are on the sides. This design definitely has a lot of potential!

Using the same sample, I simply turned it around so the short ends are at the front and back, and the long ends are at the sides. Again this design has great potential and could be developed further.

I moved on to remove the skirt from underneath the sample. It has lost some volume, but still looks interesting. I think if this sample was to be layered it would look really nice!


I tried to layer the rectangle sample and the square sample together but it didn’t turn out like I expected. The square sample is too flat for it to create a nice drape. I would need to cut out more of the rectangle shapes in different sizes.

I also explored some design ideas for the bodice, I done this using the smaller version of the samples. In the images above you can see both the rectangle samples, stiffened and unstiffened.

I also tried the different weighted samples. To be honest I didn’t like either of them on the bodice. It just reminded me of a clowns collar!

The Customer Board


The final thing I done this week was research for my customer board! A customer board is very important in the design process, and realistically should have been done in the very beginning. I completely forgot because I was too excited to start designing!

The customer board is all about the person you wish to aim your collection at. My collection is evening wear, for occasions such as weddings, cocktail parties and formal events. My customer would be a working woman, who loves her fashion, even at work she still likes to add her own touch to the boring work suit!

She lives in the city and commutes to work instead of driving, she is a very hard worker, but also likes to let her hair down and have fun. Most importantly she loves fashion and is very open to new trends and styles!

Final Notes

Now that I have found some designs that I really like, I will start to design ideas on paper, then I will start to toile them.

I will be taking a week off from The Design Diary as I have a wedding and unfortunately I wont have time to do a lot of work.

I hope you are enjoying The Design Diary so far, and trust me its only going to get better, especially when we get all the fabric!!

Thank you for reading!

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For The Love Of Lace!

This outfit has been one of my favourites for the past few weeks. I bought the jacket in Penny’s/Primark a few months ago and it is now one of my most worn pieces!

The top is a laced smock from River Island, which I picked up during their sale! I love that I can dress it up for a more formal look or dress it down for a causal day out.

For this post I styled it for a casual lunch date with my close friend!


Where To Buy

River island


















*Unavailable items will have alternative links*

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