How To Make A Skirt Pattern/Block

Growing up I always wanted to know how to make my own clothes! This led me to study Fashion Design in college!

I’m very passionate about design and decided it would be fun to teach others how to make their own clothes, so I set up a new YouTube channel. This channel will be solely dedicated to Fashion Design and construction!

I will be making step by step guides on how to make different styles of clothing!

If you are interested in learning how to do it yourself check out my channel linked below!

The Design Diary

This post is s step by step guide on how to make a skirt pattern/block. From this block you can do a range of different styles simply by changing the length, width etc.

I will also leave a free downloadable version of this post so you can follow it along with the video or simply on its own!


Download: DropBox

I hope you enjoy creating and keep an eye out for my next few videos, which will be a follow-up from the skirt block!

Thank you for reading!