Birthday Wish List 2017

My birthday is just around the corner, well it is about 4 weeks away, but sure it’s never too early to start making a wish list!

I don’t expect to get everything off this list, because that would be greedy!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But here are the things I would love the most for my birthday!

Instax Mini 9


Iv had my eye on one of these for a good while now, but I still haven’t bought one! I love the idea of having a little photo album or scrap-book of Polaroids. I love looking at my parents old Polaroid pictures and there is just something about the old style photograph that I like.

I have a few events coming up which I would LOVE to have one of these cameras for, so hopefully I might actually get round to buying one, instead of admiring from afar!

In a way I am kind of happy I waited until now, because Fujifilm are after releasing the new Instax mini 9, which has a bunch of new features, including a selfie mirror!

Shop Here

Morphe 350M Palette


I feel like a broken record on here, I have mention the Morphe & Jaclyn Hill palette before on my Make-up Wish List, but this is the 350M Palette, all the shades are matte finishes, which is my favourite kind of eye shadow! I have heard amazing things about these palettes and they are so affordable!

The shades in this palette are all ones I would use on a regular basis, so I don’t feel like I am buying it for one or two shades, which I have done in the past!

Shop Here

Zara Water Repellent Rain Coat


If you have read my Wardrobe Wish List, you will know I have been meaning to buy one of these rain coats from Zara! I went into the store to buy one and they didn’t have the colour I wanted, so when I went online they were on sale, but not in my size (typical).

I thought I would never be able to get one, until now, they have brought them back in stock for the Fall season, Thank god!

This time I am going to get it, it will be an essential in my wardrobe for the coming seasons!

Shop Here

Zara Biker Jacket


I am a sucker for leather jackets and I haven’t found an affordable one that is as high quality as the Zara Jackets! I bought a white jacket last year and I am still in love with it, the fit and feel is everything!

This jacket is very similar to the white one, and I do need a new black one, so this has to be on my list!!

Shop Here

Topshop Milan Slogan T-Shirt


When I seen this top in Topshop, straight away it reminded me of the Gucci T-Shirt, which I would love, but I am far from willing to spend €350 on a Cotton T-Shirt! This t-shirt on the other hand is much more affordable and just as nice! I think it would look lovely with the black leather jacket!

Shop Here

Zara Fabric Boots


Although these aren’t an essential, or even practical pair of boots, I really want them! I love the new sock style boot and I think these would be a lovely statement piece, especially for a night out!

They aren’t too expensive, so I wouldn’t feel like I am splurging on a pair of boots that I wont wear on a daily basis.

The quality of Zara products seems to be there, so I feel like they would last a while, but definitely won’t be suitable for the wet weather!

Shop Here

That is my birthday wish list, and a wish list it is!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Again I don’t expect to get everything off this list, but maybe just the essentials! AKA the rain coat!!

What would you have on your birthday wish list?

Thank you for reading!

Love Tanya


Movie Bucket List!

I LOVE movies!!

I recently realised I haven’t seen all of the must see’s, from Psycho to Fight Club! I decided to make myself a Movie Bucket List. This way I have a list of movies, I have to watch, so when I am looking for a movie I can choose from the list, instead of just re-watching my favourites!


*My All Time Favourite Movie Franchise!!*

I put up a post on Facebook asking my friends and family for some suggestions, it’s always good to get other people’s options because, they may suggest something you completely forgot about!


So far I have 52 suggestions, some of which I have watched recently, and some I have seen a while ago! (Line Through Them)

I wanted to share it here in the hopes of getting a few more suggestions, and it may also be of interest to someone else!

List so far….

  1. Beach
  2. The Eye in the Sky
  3. Face Off
  4. See No Evil, Hear No Evil
  5. Pans Labrynth
  6. Stir Crazy
  7. Silver Streak
  8. Transformers
  9. Throw Momma From the Train
  10. The Abyss
  11. Children of Men
  12. 12 Angry Men
  13. The Nuns Story
  14. Wizard of Oz
  15. Gone with the Wind
  16. Psycho
  17. The Breakfast Club
  18. The Quiet Man
  19. The Prestige Beach
  20. Intersrellar
  21. Avatar
  22. Funny Face
  23. We Bought a Zoo
  24. No Name
  25. Memento
  26. Event Horizon
  27. Captain America
  28. Dark City
  29. Moon
  30. Cube
  31. Enemy Mine
  32. Deja Vu
  33. Contact
  34. Inside Man
  35. Baby Driver
  36. Stand By Me
  37. The Princess Bride
  38. Before Sunrise
  39. Twelve Monkeys
  40. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  41. Green Room
  42. Fight Club
  43. Catch Me if You Can
  44. Leon: The Professional
  45. The Dark Crystal
  46. The Devils Advocate
  47. John Wick
  48. Edge of Tomorrow
  49. Constantine
  50. ZombieLand
  51. Scream 1,2,3 & 4
  52. Titanic

I really want to add to this list, do you have any suggestions? it can be any Genre, especially Horror!

Have you seen any of the movies listed?

Leave me a comment with your suggestion!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Tanya



My Top 5 YouTubers!

YouTube has taken over my life, and I am sure it is the same for everyone! There are so many people on YouTube, it is hard to watch them all, or even find the half of them! I decided to share my top 5 people to watch!

Helen Anderson


As far as I can remember Helen was the first person I watched on YouTube! I love her Rock n Roll style and her carefree attitude! I really enjoy Helen’s content, especially her V-logs! Her main channel is very much fashion based, with a mixture of beauty.

One thing I admire about her is that she tries new things with her channel, from music to style and the way she films her videos. For example, she filmed a 2016 favourites video, but it was in fact a song, which she wrote and sang herself! (Did I mention she is an awesome singer!!)

To be honest she is one of the most real and honest vlogger’s I have watched, she doesn’t sugar coat anything and she always speaks her mind!

If you haven’t seen her channel, I would highly recommend you go check her out!

Helen’s Main Channel

Helen’s Vlog Channel

Rihannon Ashlee


I have only been watching Rhiannon for a little while now, when I say a while I mean just over a year. I used to watch her main channel when it was called FashionRocksMySocks, but for some reason I hadn’t watched it in a while.

Rhiannon is a new mother, to a gorgeous little girl called Delilah! I started watching her vlogs around the time she found out she was pregnant, I was so excited to watch her go through this amazing journey!

She vlogs her day to day life as a mom and I have to say I find some comfort in watching her videos, I like to chill in bed or even in a bubble bath and just catch up on her channel!

Rhiannon is another honest person, she struggled a bit at the beginning of motherhood, but what new mother doesn’t, but I loved that she didn’t try to pretend everything was peachy, she was honest and showed what it is really like to have a new born!

If you like fashion and children then I think you would love her channels!

Rhiannons Main Channel

Rhiannons Vlogs



I’m sure a LOT, if not all of you know who Zoe is! Iv watched Zoe for a long time, but I recently realised I much prefer to watch her vlog channel, not that I don’t like her main channel, just that I tend to head straight to channel no.2!

I think her vlogs are so good, especially her vlogmas series! I get so excited every year to watch her vlogmas videos, she really gets me into the festive mood! I love watching her everyday life, doesn’t sound creepy at all, but she seems to do a lot with her time and I like seeing her adventures, especially her shopping trips!

If you haven’t seen Zoe’s videos I recommend demand that you go and watch them!

Zoe’s Main Channel

Zoe’s Vlog Channel

Jaclyn Hill


Another well known face, I’m sure all you beauty lovers know and love, Jaclyn Hill! I actually only got introduced to her channel about a year and a half ago, but straight away I was like Yes, this girl is amazing! Not only did I love her make up, but her personality was pure gold!

When I was in college I suffered really bad with anxiety and my mornings were so rough. The first thing I did when I got up was turned on YouTube and went straight to Jaclyn’s channel, I would put on any video, I wouldn’t even watch it, I would just have it on as background noise. Just listening to her talk about products or doing a talk through tutorial, preoccupied me and kept my mind off the fact that I was anxious!

Jaclyn is such a talented make up artist and honestly a good teacher, I have learned so much from watching her tutorials! If you would like to learn some skills I’d highly recommend her channel!

Jaclyn’s Channel



This channel is completely different to the other channels I have mentioned! TFIL is a channel created by Elton Castee, here he films himself and his friends going on crazy adventures, and doing all the things you would find on an adrenaline junkies bucket list!!

These guys are crazy, but absolutely hilarious! From over night stays in abandoned locations to swimming with sharks, these guys are doing it all and I honestly love to watch them do it, because I wouldn’t have the courage to do it myself, so this is the closest I will get to the real thing!

These guys are definitely worth checking out, you wont regret it!

TFIL Channel

They are my top 5 YouTubers to watch, I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you would like me to do more posts like this, maybe a series called ‘My Top 5’??

Also if you have any channel recommendations leave them in the comments, I am always looking for new people to watch!

Thank you for reading!

Love Tanya


Tips For Coping With Anxiety

I shared this post on my old blog a little while ago and I thought I would share it here. We are coming up to that time of the year where people are going back to school and college. This can be a very stressful time for people and can cause a lot of anxiety, when I was in college I suffered a lot, but found ways to help myself cope with it.

The following tips are things I find useful when I’m suffering with anxiety. Anxiety is different for everyone and the ways in which people deal with it are also different.

I have found many tips online and some have helped and others not so much.

I have decided to share these with you in hope, they may be of use to someone suffering with anxiety.

1. Listen to Music

Music has been a huge part of my coping mechanism when it comes to my anxiety. My anxiety tends to be at it’s worse when I travel, so I always make sure I have head phones, a full battery on my phone, and my old IPod just for back up.

When I am on the train for example, I will put on a playlist of my favourite songs and close my eyes. While listening to the music I focus as much as I can on the lyrics and try to think of them as a story. This has worked so well for me over the past 3 years and when my full attention is on the lyrics I completely forget about my anxiety.

2. Read A Book

Reading is great for the mind and has been proven to help with one’s memory. For me reading is a great way to escape my problems, and dive into a completely different world.

I try to read as much as I can, even when I’m not anxious. I always read a book on the way home from college, mainly because I have an hour long journey and it is the perfect time to get some peaceful reading done.

Sometimes if my anxiety is extremely bad I do find it difficult to focus on the book, but when this happens I take a few minutes to breath, try to relax myself and then I start reading.

3. Play a game on your phone

Playing games on my phone, like Candy Crush for example, was another great distraction for me. If I had a hospital appointment and I knew I would be waiting for a while, I would bring my book and a fully charged phone. Waiting around in one place for too long is also an anxiety trigger for me. I would play candy crush while I waited, because I would be so engrossed in the game I wouldn’t even notice the time going by. In the case that my lives run out I would have my book as a back up. Always be prepared!

4. Meditate

(Not my image, taken from Here)

When I say meditation I don’t mean sitting legs crossed and humming, this may work for others but not for me.

My form of meditation is easy, you can do it in public and no one would even notice.

I basically sit straight, feet flat on the floor and I just breath. I focus all my attention on my breathing, I don’t force a breath I just breath as normal. By doing this your body calms itself naturally. It is a very simple step and with enough practice your body will do the relaxation on its own. I do this step if I know I am going to be in a situation that will cause me anxiety. There are times where my anxiety will have already hit me and I can’t focus on my breathing because I’m so worked up. In these cases I turn to the next thing, which is almost always my music.

5. Go For A Walk

Getting out for some fresh air, whether it is going for a coffee or simply going for a walk. I find if I am stuck in doors too long I can begin to get irritable and restless. I make sure I get out of the house everyday even if it is just for an hour. Walking can also be a great form of meditation, make sure to observe your surrounds, look at that is going on, what are people doing?. This will help you focus on something else other than your anxiety.

6. Surround Yourself With Friends/Family

One of the best forms of medicine in my opinion is laughter.

Surrounding myself with my friends has definitely helped me when I was extremely down in the dumps.

I remember I decided to go out to a friends party one night, but I wasn’t drinking as I had to be up early to write my thesis. At this time I was really struggling with life and when I went out everyone had me in tears laughing, I smiled for about 3 days after, just down to the fact I was out with friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time and I was having fun.

If you are feeling in need of a friend, contact one of them. Arrange to go for a coffee, see a movie or invite them around for a sleep over. Even if they can’t do it straight away, the excitement of arranging a date will help boost your mood and it will give you something to look forward to.

7. Write it Down

Writing down what is going through your head when you are anxious, is the best way for you to actually analyse your situation. By doing this you can take a step back and really ask yourself why this makes you feel anxious, is it worth it? do I even need to be anxious?

For some people it is a great thing to do and for others it doesn’t work the same, but the best way to find out is to give it a try!

On my old blog I used to document everyday, well almost everyday. Writing down how I was feeling and what I was doing helped to get things off my chest and out of my head!

8. Have A Nap

When things get a little too much to handle taking a nap can help you to just escape for an hour or so.Β  I find when I get anxious and worked up I become drained and this doesn’t help the situation. When you are tired it is very hard to focus and think straight, so taking a break and having a nap is the best way to relax and rejuvenate. When you wake up you will feel better, and you will be able to look at your situation with a calmer and more energized mind.

If it is the case where you can’t have a nap, try something else, go for a walk, have some lunch or do something that will give you a break and time to refocus.

9. Remove yourself from the Situation

Sometimes walking away is the best option when the situation you are in is causing you anxiety.

I understand walking away isn’t always going to be an option. For example, in my case college caused me a lot of anxiety and I couldn’t just drop out, because that would have meant I was giving into defeat. Fighting through college was something I had to do for myself, but for others walking away may have been the best thing for them!

In situations where walking away is an option then do so. If there is a fight between friends and you are feeling anxious, walk away!

If you are in college and you are feeling anxious, go out for some fresh air, take a break and give yourself room to breath. When you feel more calm go back and face your problem with a much more clear mind.

10. Positive Thinking

No matter how big or small your problems and struggles are, always stay positive!

When I was in college, I was always doubting myself and my work, I was losing confidence in everything I was doing. Once I started thinking negative I had to tell myself to stop and stay positive!

I believe 100% that positivity can make a huge difference in one’s life. Always facing a situation or a problem with positivity will give you a much better result than facing it with negativity in mind.

When something is coming up that is going to make you anxious think to yourself, I can do this, I will survive this obstacle and I will get what I want!

Something I always do is get a positive quote from Pinterest.

Save it as your screensaver on your phone, so every time you look at your phone you will see the quote and that will remind you to stay positive!

Another idea would be to write quotes on sticky notes and place them around your house/desk/car, where ever you feel is the best place, so when you see them they will remind to breath!

I believe the only reason I managed to finish college was because of my positivity and my ambition!

I wanted that degree, I wanted to show myself I could, I wanted to prove to people who doubted me that I could do it, and I did it, even with anxiety!

If you are positive that you will over come your anxiety and its triggers, you will, even if it takes a year or 5 years, you will over come it!

No matter how many set backs I have faced or will face I will still stay positive and believe that some day I will over come my anxiety!

I hope these tips will be of use to you, remember anxiety is different for everyone, and it is all about trial and error!

Try different techniques and don’t give up until you find the best one for you!

Leave me a comment if you have any tips for coping with anxiety, I am always open to new things and I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading,

Love Tanya


Coby’s Collars

I recently set up a small shop on Etsy called Coby’s Collars, here I sell handmade 100% Cotton bandanas for dogs! These come in all different sizes, so there is one for every dog!


My rescue dog Coby was the inspiration for this little adventure! When I adopted Coby I bought him a collar which had a cute bandana sewn onto it. I couldn’t get over how badly it was made, so I decided I would make my own! I made one which I could simply slip on and off of his collar, this way I could wash it when it got dirty and I could change the bandanas without having to buy a whole new collar!


When I put the bandana on him for the first time he looked so cute, and it really showed off his character! Every time I made him a new one he would get so excited and would start nudging me to put it on him!

People started complimenting them and telling me I should sell them online, I thought it was a great idea, I love making them and would love for other dogs to have them too!


Some people think it is silly adding accessories to your dog, but in my opinion if your dog feels fine with it then why not! I think it adds to their characters and I couldn’t imagine Coby without his bandana!

I started off with a few different fabrics, but I am slowly adding new fabrics and soon new styles. The business is still only new but already I have sold some bandanas and all the reviews have been very positive. I have even received pictures of the dogs wearing their bandana, and it honestly makes me feel so happy!

I have set up a Facebook page for the little shop and an Instagram account, here I can keep in touch with customers, share pictures of the happy dogs and show case new products and deals!


I’m so excited to have started this little adventure and Coby is also very involved in the process, he helps to pick out the fabrics and tells me if he likes them, which is pretty much all the time as he thinks the bandanas are his, but its cute!

I would love if you would check out the Facebook or Instagram page and share some loveπŸ˜ƒ I have a Giveaway coming up shortly which will be open world-wide, so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you for reading!

Love Tanya & Coby


My Top Places To Stay In Dublin!

Taking a trip to Dublin is one my favourite things to do! My fiance and I like to take a trip down 2-3 times a year, whether it is just to get away for a few days or to do some shopping!

I have stayed in a few different hotels in the city center and thought I would share with you, my top 4 to stay in!



The Morgan Hotel is by far my favourite place to stay! It is located in Temple bar, which is one of Dublin’s most popular tourist spots!


The Morgan is an incredible boutique hotel, it is modern and fresh! I love how creative they are with their interiors, it really adds to the overall feel of the hotel! As soon as I walked inside I felt like I was in a whole new world, I had never stayed in a hotel like this before!


The staff is incredible, every time I have stayed they have been very welcoming and friendly! From room upgrades to complementary cocktails, they really made my stays amazing!


The rooms are fantastic and the beds are unbelievably comfortable! I love the fresh interior of the rooms, and the few pops of colour! I have stayed in the contemporary rooms, the deluxe rooms and the apartment suite and all of them were amazing, they were all so luxurious, spacious and very comfortable! May I also not forget, the complementary apples!


I have also eaten in the restaurant, and let me tell you, the food is just as amazing as the decor! Honestly I would recommend that everyone go and have a meal here, the food is perfection! (Also you must try the breakfast, it’s so good, they have a Pancake machine!!!!!)


The cocktails are something else! They have a wide range to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone, from The Morgan bubbles (my favourite) to the strongest long island iced tea that you will ever have in your life! (trust me).


This hotel will always be close to my heart as it is the place my fiance asked me to marry him! He knew how much I loved the hotel and thought it was the perfect place to ask me and it was!


I can’t recommend this place enough, it is a very lively and fun place to be, even if you are not planning on staying, I would still recommend going in for a cocktail or two, you wont be disappointed!




My fiance and I stayed here for Valentines Day a few years ago when it was still known as the Maldron Hotel. Although the ownership/name has changed much remains the same. The hotel is situated on Cardiff Lane, close to the Samuel Beckett Bridge and great if going to any events in the 3 Arena, Board Gais Energy Theater and others.


Although the Hotel is within walking distance of town and all the major attractions I would recommend getting a taxi. For the few euros spent you will get there a hell of a lot quicker. It’s a good 15-20 minute walk from O’Connell Bridge.


Once inside the Hotel, we were checked in by very friendly staff and informed on all the hotel has to offer including Food, Drink, Gym and Swimming Pool.


The room we booked was great, an executive room with a balcony, As it was Valentines Day my fiance purchased a few extras I didn’t know about. When we got into the room it was stocked with Champagne on Ice, Chocolates, Strawberries and there were Bathrobes and slippers laid out on the bed for us.


The Restaurant was very nice, we were taken to our seats and given menu’s. The room was dimly lit and quite romantic. The food was very good and was well presented.





The Jurys Inn is located on Parnell Street, it is right around the corner from Henry’s Street, which is packed full of my favourite places to shop!


I stayed here only recently, I traveled to Dublin for the night to do some shopping and this was the perfect spot as I didn’t have to walk far to find all my favourite places!


The room was very nice and perfect for my short stay. The walls were very high so it made the room look huge, but I loved that. The rooms have Air Conditioning which is a big plus. The bed was very comfortable, enough that I actually struggled to get out of it the next morning!


I had a few drinks after my shopping and the bar staff were very friendly, unfortunately they didn’t do cocktails (will be shortly).

The interior was very inviting and comfy! They had gorgeous little bowls on the tables with floating flowers inside, it is the little things!!


I didn’t eat in the restaurant, so I can’t comment on their food, but I did peek inside and it looked very inviting! Just off the restaurant they have a hidden courtyard, which is perfect during the summer!


I really enjoyed my stay here and I definitely want to go back again! The next time I will have to try their food, everyone in the restaurant seemed to be enjoying their meal!

If you are looking for somewhere close to the shopping centers, you should definitely consider this hotel!



The Maldron Hotel is located on Parnell Street which is only a few minutes walk from O’Connell street.


The hotel provides a luxury atmosphere on a budget. I always stay here coming up to Christmas to do my last-minute bits and pieces as its usually one of the best value hotels at this time of year. The staff is warm and friendly and are quite helpful.


The rooms are very cosy, like any other hotel they have tea and coffee making facilities and WiFi. Another bonus, the rooms are fitted with air-con which is perfect for the summer months, nothing worse than a hotel in the summer with no cooling system!

The beds are very comfy and I always have a good night sleep when I stay here!


Although I have not had a dinner here the breakfast is quite good, serving both continental and Irish breakfasts in a buffet style.

It is definitely one to consider, if you are on a budget!


They are my top hotels to stay in when I visit Dublin!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have you stayed in any of these hotels or do you have any recommendations for me to try?

Thank you for reading,

Love Tanya



June Obsessions 2017!

A post I used to love writing on my old blog was my monthly favourites and I miss writing them, so here they are, my obsessions from the month of June!


Primark Fur Mules


I found these little gems on my recent trip to Dublin and I fell in love with them straight away! As ugly as they are, I cant help but love them!


They are so comfy and they make the perfect statement piece for a simple outfit! They are a mild dupe of the Gucci fur mules, just a little less furry!

Nike Stefan Janoski Trainers

I have been clearly loving shoes for the month of June! I bought myself new trainers as I was in desperate need of them! I found myself reaching for these for most of the month, they are so comfortable!!


I have bad feet and walking for too long can cause me a lot of pain, but these trainers are so comfortable that I was able to walk for hours and I didn’t have as much pain as I usually would!

I love to style them with skinny black jeans and a slouchy white T, very casual!


Glam Glow Supermud Face Mask


I know I am a bit late on the band wagon, but better late than never! I had been dying to try this face mask for a long time, but I honestly couldn’t justify €45 on a face mask. I decided to buy the sample pot, so I could finally test out the product!


I wasn’t disappointed! The mask was so much fun to try, I love how it showed the areas that needed the mask the most! I will say I did find it burned a little on application but once it dried it was fine. I have used it a few time over the past month and I have to say I am very happy with the results and I am considering investing in the larger tub!

Kind Natured, Body Lotion, Bath Soak & Sugar Scrub


I never tried this brand before, but they were on offer in Boots and I thought it would be the perfect time to try them. The Coconut & Monoi is by far my favourite scent from the range, it is very sweet but I think it is perfect for the summer.


The sugar scrub is amazing, it is super grainy, so you know you are getting a good scrub! The only thing I would have liked from the product would be if it foamed up a little better.


The body lotion is amazing, it spreads really well and smells delightful! My skin always feels super soft for days after applying it!


The bath soak is also a lovely product, it adds a nice generous amount of bubble to the bath and it has a very relaxing aroma!

I was very impressed with these products, especially considering they are 97% natural!! They are also affordable with starting prices from €6.79!

Lifestyle & Entertainment

Graze Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie


This stuff is my version of cat nip, I seriously can’t get enough if the stuff! I should be embarrassed to say I went through 3 bags of this stuff, but I’m really not!


It is the perfect mix of sweet and salty and for €2.50 a bag!! I need to go and place a new order!!

The Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

Brace yourself, I have never seen this show before it was put up on Netflix! I decided to sit down and watch it one day, and 4 seasons later I am still glued to the screen! You can blame the lack of posts on this show! I have to say I am surprised at myself for not watching this before, it is so good!! I’m still not finished, so no spoilers please!πŸ˜‰ If you have never seen this show, go and watch it, seriously!😘

The Weeknd – Secrets


I LOVE the Weeknd, and this song is just 😍! I have this song on serious repeat on my phone and now that I am done writing I am going to go and listen to it on high volume πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

That is what I have been loving for the month of June, leave me a comment with something you have been obsessed with over the past month!

Thank you for reading!

Love Tanya





I Adopted!!

Hey Guys & Gals!

These past few weeks have been crazy and full of emotion!!

Two weeks ago I lost my precious Missy, she was a 14 and a half year old border collie! Missy was a rescue pup when we got her and she was so scared of everyone and everything. She had a horrible intro to life, but after some serious love and affection Missy became the sweetest, cutest and funnest dog around! She loved to talk to people and had a bark for everything, the bathroom, food and just plain old attention!


To be honest it all happened so quickly, she became very sick and after testing we found out she had liver failure, it was such a hard choice to put her to sleep! The vet advised us it was the best idea, she was an old dog and her condition would have gotten worse. We decided as a family it was better for Missy to go to sleep and to be out of pain!


After her death life was so different, our house was quite and unfamiliar, I couldn’t go into the kitchen without wanting to cry. The kitchen was Missy’s chill area and we always cuddled and played on the floor, so to walk in and not see her staring at me was so hard and it broke my heart every time!


After a week of crying, I decided I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t handle the silence. I spoke to the family and informed them I wanted to go to an animal shelter and adopt a dog. It was still very soon after Missy, but I knew it was the best thing for us all, we would never forget Missy and she would love to know we are giving a home to another rescue dog!

And so I would like to introduce Coby!



Coby is a 9 month old Beagle cross (not sure with what unfortunately). He had been in the shelter for almost 4 months! As soon as we met him we all made a connection to him! He was so excited and so full of energy!


We have Coby almost a week and he is still the same excited little pup he was when we met him, he loves everyone, people, children, cats and dogs!

There was no information on how his life was before he went to the shelter, all that was known was that he was found wandering around. After bringing him home, I noticed signs of abuse, he would jump at loud noises and if you moved too quickly he would flinch as if you were going to hit him! It kills me to think someone could hurt that gorgeous friendly little fella!


He has improved so much over the week, he’s currently learning how to sit on command, he is a smart dog and a quick learner!

Already we all feel the healing of our loss, we talk about Missy all the time and it is easier now, before we couldn’t without getting upset! The house feels like home again, and the new addition is to thank for that!


Coby will be going to see the vet for the first time next week, fingers crossed he will still be a happy little fella when he gets there!

Thank you for reading!

Love Tanya,



I’m Engaged!!


A few weeks ago my boyfriend of 7 and a half years asked me to marry him!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already known this, but today I decided to share my engagement story with you!

I’ve been with James for 7 and a half years now and to be honest I knew for years that I would be with him for the rest of my life!

I met James when I was 16, through mutual friends. It wasn’t love at first sight, but the more we hung out, the more we got to know each other and then we ended up falling in love! ahhh

Β Myself & James when we first started going out

Before I dive into the engagement story, I want to mention how I always believed my engagement wouldn’t be a surprise!

When it comes to surprises, I am like a sniffer dog, I always know when things are going on and I always find out before the surprise is revealed, Christmas, birthdays and gifts!

The weekend of our engagement James booked the Morgan hotel in Dublin. This is our favorite home away from home, we have been here several times for weekend breaks, so this didn’t set off any alarm bells!

After checking in we went into the city center to do some shopping and to get some coffee!

We went into Zara, I was running around awing over all the lovely clothes and I turned around and James was just standing staring at me with this loving smile. Usually he would be complaining that I am dragging him around different shops but he wasn’t he just stood smiling, I didn’t even think anything of it, no alarm bells here either! ha

We both wanted to get a bottle of champagne and strawberries for our little getaway weekend!

James decided he wanted to buy a bottle of Moet, but when I seen the price I was almost sick, I’m a pretty frugal person and to spend €40 on a bottle of champagne would have made me sick, so James settled for a much cheaper bottle!

Again this didn’t set of any alarm bells, even though James was so persistent that he wanted to get the Moet!

Before heading back we went into Lush and bought a few of their bath bombs and bubble bars! I don’t live near a lush so the only time I get to buy any is when I go to Dublin!

Later that night we went for a meal in the Morgan hotel restaurant, seriously it was the nicest meal I had in a while!

I ordered the Pasta Arrabiata and James had the steak with sweet potato fries….which I ate on him!

We also had some cocktails with our meal, I had the Morgan Bubbles, which I have to get every time I am there!

Β The only Pictures taken that night!!

I brought my camera to the meal and I barely took any photos, which I am kicking myself over now!

After the meal we went back to our room, I sat on the edge of the bed to take off my shoes. James came over to me with his hand in his back pocket, saying you know the way we have been going out for a while now and began to take his hand out of his pocket.

He got down on one knee with the box held out in front of me and asked me to marry him, by this time I was balling my eyes out, repeating, stop joking, your messing, is this really happening?!

In all the shock of everything I forgot to say yes, James was still on his knee waiting for my reply, so is that a yes?? YES!

The ring is so beautiful and it fit perfectly, I couldnt have chosen a better one myself!!

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better moment! The feeling you get during that moment is life changing, I never felt so happy!

I honestly thought he was joking with me, I thought he was going to pull out a gift card or something!

He then informed me that my family knew all about it, for a week!! This really shocked me, my sister especially, she can’t hold water and I am so surprised she didn’t say anything!

I shook his hand and said congratulations, you managed to surprise me! we laughed for ages and then popped the champagne and called our families!

I then had a nice long bath with my lush bath bomb and my glass of champagne! We later curled up and watched the only movie that was on the TV, Never Been Kissed!

Processed with VSCO with q8 presetProcessed with VSCO with q8 preset

Processed with VSCO with q8 preset

It was the most amazing night/weekend of my life, I honestly couldn’t stop smiling and I can’t wait to start this new chapter with my Fiance!!!

Love Tanya




10 Things About Me

Hello Lovelies!

Seen as this is a new blog, I thought it would be a good idea to share some facts about myself! As the title says above, here are 10 things about me!

1. I’m musically challenged

I Love music, so much I can’t decide which genre is my favourite! Growing up I loved every kind of music from heavy metal to rap! Now I’m 24 and I still can’t pick just one. People used to call me musically challenged because I dressed really grunge and loved heavy metal and Rock n Roll, but I would still listen to the likes of BeyoncΓ© and Lady Gaga.

I don’t think it is a bad thing to like a bit of everything, I recently started listening to K-pop!! Lets just say my Google Play account has a nice variety of music!!

My current obsession is with Twenty One Pilots! Those two guys are gods!

2. I love making lists!


I seriously love to make lists, I make lists for pretty much everything and I still don’t follow them!

Everyone in my first college always knew me for making lists, if we were given a task all I would hear is ‘Tanya’s going to make a list’ πŸ˜‚ and I would of course!

Buying a new notebook gives me so much joy, and I cant wait to start filling it with lists of things that need to be done or bought!

If only this was an actual job, I would flourish!!

3. I graduated from fashion design


After studying Fashion design for 5 years, I am finally fully qualified! Growing up I always wanted to be a designer, more so a bridal designer as I was obsessed with weddings!


In my final year I completed a collection consisting of 3 fully finished garments! Unfortunately I wasn’t 100% happy with them, as I felt they weren’t exactly what I wanted. But the main thing is I completed a collection of clothing all on my own!πŸ’ͺ

4. I’m obsessed with TV shows

I used to be a huge movie buff, until I started watching TV more! Now I watch so many TV shows, I actually have to make a timetable, so I know when they are on! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know what you are thinking ‘this girl is a nut’, but hey! I love the little things in life! πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ

5. I’m loud and easily excited!


I am a very shy person when I meet new people, but when I get to know people I really open up, and trust me it can be a shock to most! I LOVE to laugh and very loudly at that!

I’m easily excited and it can be over the smallest thing, as I said I love the little things in life!

6. I suffer with anxiety


Over the last 3 years I have dealt with Anxiety and was diagnosed with GAD – General Anxiety Disorder and Phobophobia – yes this is a fear of fear πŸ˜‚

Last year was the hardest of all, mainly due to my final year of college and the stress of getting work done!

Although I’m not over this anxiety, everyday it gets a bit better! I will talk more about my experience in a later post!

7. I have 1 tattoo


I have one little tattoo on my forearm, to most it is unreadable (which is kind of what I wanted) but I love it!

When I was going through my dark period, there was one artist that I listened to on a loop and that was Sia and the lyrics to this song spoke to me a lot, and so I got it tattooed on me as a reminder that I was strong and I would survive whatever life threw at me!

8. I had an imaginary best friend!


Yes you read that right, I had an imaginary friend! How awesome is that! πŸ˜‚ It all started when I was 4/5, I’m not sure if it was a boy or a girl, all I know is that their name was Tallaght and we were a nightmare!!

My dad told me he sat on them once, and I got very upset! My mother even had to set out an extra seat at the table for them!

God I was a weird kid….but I’m an even weirder adult πŸ˜‚

9. I’m afraid of Motionless Faced costumes!


Yeah this is a weird one!Β  Ever since I was a kid I’ve been afraid of big costumes with motionless faces!πŸ˜‚ I’m pretty sure it is from being scared by one when I was a kid!

Now when I see them I turn and walk/run the other way πŸ˜‚ They creep me out!!

10. I play a lot of Call of Duty!


I have an obsession with playing Call of Duty! I love playing online with other people, but I can get very competitive, I’m pretty much Monica from friends!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.29.55 AM

It’s the only game I am actually good at playing!πŸ˜‚ Well that and the Sims!

I hope I didn’t scare anyone away!πŸ˜‚ I hope you enjoyed this post and stick around for future ones! πŸ˜€

Leave me a comment with something about you!

Love Tanya