How To Draft A Pattern For Shorts

In this post I am going to show you how to draft a pair of short blocks using the skirt block I showed you how to make in one of my previous posts!

This post is part of my Fashion Design series, in this series I will show you how to make your own patterns for making clothing.

For this post all you need is your skirt pattern which I will link here!

So lets get started… Continue reading “How To Draft A Pattern For Shorts”


How To Use Bias Binding

Bias Binding is a strip of fabric cut diagonally, it is generally used for covering raw edges on fabric, but can also be used as decoration on clothing!

Knowing how to work with Bias Binding is a huge benefit as a designer or as a crafter! If you don’t have the use of an over locker, binding will be a great option for you to have, as it is quick, easy and very effective! Continue reading “How To Use Bias Binding”

How To Make A Bodice Block!

Today’s post is the second post in my new Design Diary series! In my last post I showed you how to draft your own skirt block, and today I am going to show you how to draft your own bodice block!

This bodice block can be used to create many kinds of tops, from t-shirts to peplums!

Like the last post I have linked a downloadable file of this step by step guide which you can have for free to help you when making your own block! Continue reading “How To Make A Bodice Block!”