How To Use Bias Binding

Bias Binding is a strip of fabric cut diagonally, it is generally used for covering raw edges on fabric, but can also be used as decoration on clothing!

Knowing how to work with Bias Binding is a huge benefit as a designer or as a crafter! If you don’t have the use of an over locker, binding will be a great option for you to have, as it is quick, easy and very effective!

Below I have created a step by step guide on how to use Bias Binding, I have also created a video to go with this post, so you can watch or read, it’s all up to you!

>>YouTube Video<<







It is as simple as that! Once you get the hang of it, you will want to use it in all of your projects!!

This Bias Binding post and video is part of a new series over on my YouTube channel called Minute Lessons, each episode will consist of a 1 to 2 min lesson on different aspects of sewing and garment construction!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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DIY Glitter Shoes!

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that just wasn’t cutting it when it came to your style? Too boring or too old, but you just don’t have the cash to splash out on a new pair? well why not DIY them?

In this post I will show you step by step how to change these boring black heels, into something you want to boogie in!!

If you want to see how I done it just keep reading!


You can also watch this step by step tutorial over on my YouTube channel >> TheDesignDiary



I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you like these kind of posts do let me know and I will continue to create them for u!

If you decide to try this out for yourself tag me on Instagram @thedesigndairy_ so I can see what creation you came up with!

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How To Make A Bodice Block!

Today’s post is the second post in my new Design Diary series! In my last post I showed you how to draft your own skirt block, and today I am going to show you how to draft your own bodice block!

This bodice block can be used to create many kinds of tops, from t-shirts to peplums!

Like the last post I have linked a downloadable file of this step by step guide which you can have for free to help you when making your own block!

If you struggle to follow the steps you can also check out my YouTube video, which is also a step by step guide!




Download: Dropbox

I hope you enjoy creating and keep an eye out for my next few videos, which will be a follow-up from the bodice block!

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Spring/Summer Trends 2018

Spring is finally here, and it is time to change-up our wardrobe! Whether you are going to buy all new outfits or just work with what you have, hopefully this post will help guide you through the trends hitting us this Spring and Summer!

Lets dive straight into the trends for Spring Summer 2018!!


pastelsTom Ford, Michael Kors & Valentino

When I think of summer I think of light and bright! Pastels take a more elegant approach than bright and bold colours and it is definitely a trend I’m looking forward to! If you follow trends closely you will have noticed pastels slowly creeping into all seasons. A/W 17-18, I noticed a small amount of pastels being mixed into other trends, Emilia Wickstead and Balenciaga both mixed a small amount of pastel into their collections, which I though worked nicely!

How To Style

RiverislandRiver Island

All items above are from River Island. I chose these pastel purple cropped trousers, paired them with a simple print t-shirt and styled it up with these amazing white mule boots, finishing off the look with a small cross body bag. This outfit is a perfect everyday look, which can also be turned into an evening look, by replacing the bag with a clutch and adding a pair of tassel earrings!


slipsAlexander Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg &Β  Ralph Lauren

Slips are a perfect choice for spring/summer! We have seen slips being styled very differently in the past few years, showing us that they are not just for the evening time but can be worn as casual attire! The styling I loved was the slip with a t-shit as it gave a very 90s feel and this style is sticking around! Buying a slip is almost like an investment, you can make many looks with it and wear it night and day!

How To Style


I wanted to give this look a real 90s vibe, so I went with this baby pink wrap dress. I know it’s not exactly a slip dress, but it is close enough. I paired the dress with a white long sleeve t-shirt and a light wash denim jacket. To finish off the look I chose these off white slip on trainers and a light pink fluffy bag! All these items are from Topshop.

Bold & Bright

brightsCalvin Klein, Marc Jacobs & Versace

I would have been surprised if bright colours didn’t pop up in the S/S trends! I am happy they did, as I usually run away from colours, but I am trying to introduce some colour for the coming months! The designers really went for it this season and I loved all of them, especially the above 3!

How To Style

brightRiver Island

This styling is so different for me as it is definitely something I wouldn’t see on myself, but after putting it together, I kind of love it! I know it will be getting much warmer now, and a heavy coat like the one I chose maybe too heavy, but in Ireland you can never be too prepared! I love this colour palette and it is definitely for someone who likes to go outside the box! What do you think? would you wear it?

Pencil Skirts

skirtFendi, Erdem & Victoria Beckham

There is nothing like a good pencil skirt! I was quite excited to see these skirts coming back in, even though they barely left! But the fact they are a main trend means, we will see so many different styles and takes on the original!

How To Style

riverisland.River Island

This outfit is by far my favourite of this post! I am living for this open front denim skirt and the triple colour jumper, all from River Island! As you can see I snuck in the white mules again, and to be honest I think they complete this outfit!! This outfit is definitely going into to wish list!


transparentDior, Emilia Wickstead & Y Project

Transparent isn’t an unusual trend to see for summer, and I think designers done an amazing job with this trend. My favourite being Emilia Wickstead, the black contrasting with the sheer white is just stunning!

How To Style


Bringing transparent into ready to wear might be a little difficult, as it needs to be suitable. Styling this look was fun, as it reminded me of outfits I wore when I was younger (referring to the wide leg jeans). I chose a cropped transparent poka dot top and this gorgeous black lace bralette to wear under it. I kept the look quite casual by pairing it with white lace up trainers and a black belt with silver detail. All items can be found at Topshop

Denim, Denim & More Denim

denimThierry Mugler, Adam Selman & Tom Ford

Denim is that one thing that will never go out of fashion, but this year they decided to multiply it! Many designers opted for the denim on denim look and to be honest I love it! Some designers like Tom Ford went for a light weight denim, which is probably a good idea considering denim can be quite warm, and wearing a lot of it isn’t something one would want on a hot day!

How To Style


This outfit is quite mismatch, but there is something I just LOVE about it! I went for these awkward cut wide leg light washed denim jeans, a light weight denim camisole and a bright red denim jacket! To finish off the outfit I chose nude pink gumsole trainers, a silver metallic bag and silver oval sunglasses. It is feeling quite 90s!

Other Trends!

The following are other trends that have been seen on the runway for Spring/Summer 2018!

Trench Coats

trenchAlexander McQueen, Simone Rocha & Loewe


plastic.jpgChanel, Valentino & Marc Jacobs


textureBalmain, Elie Saab & YSL


shorts.jpgPaco Rabanne, Chloe & YSL


I hope you enjoyed this post!

What trends are you looking forward to? or what trends do you not want to see? Let me know in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!




How To Make A Skirt Pattern/Block

Growing up I always wanted to know how to make my own clothes! This led me to study Fashion Design in college!

I’m very passionate about design and decided it would be fun to teach others how to make their own clothes, so I set up a new YouTube channel. This channel will be solely dedicated to Fashion Design and construction!

I will be making step by step guides on how to make different styles of clothing!

If you are interested in learning how to do it yourself check out my channel linked below!

The Design Diary

This post is s step by step guide on how to make a skirt pattern/block. From this block you can do a range of different styles simply by changing the length, width etc.

I will also leave a free downloadable version of this post so you can follow it along with the video or simply on its own!


Download: DropBox

I hope you enjoy creating and keep an eye out for my next few videos, which will be a follow-up from the skirt block!

Thank you for reading!




Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Valentines day is fast approaching, and now is the time to start looking for gifts for your loved one, your friend or even yourself! I was never hugely into V-Day until I met my Fiance, now we take this time to get away for a day or two and just spend all our time with each other!

In this blog post you will find my top gifts for her for V-Day, remember it’s not always about the gifts, but more so the time you get to spend with each other, which brings me to my first gift idea!

A City Break


Surprising your other half with a weekend away is always a great gift! Last year my fiance surprised me with a 2 night stay in the Morgan Hotel in Dublin, followed by his marriage proposal, which blew it out of the park!! That is not what I am hinting at here πŸ˜‚.

A weekend away is a great alternative to buying a gift, it is something for both of you! There is so much you could do, visit the local museum, go to a fancy restaurant or even simply go shopping, every woman loves to shop!

If a weekend break is out of your budget, you could consider a night away in a local hotel followed by a candle lit meal, this would definitely rack up the brownie points and around V-Day a lot, if not all hotels offer Valentines Day Deals!

city break

A Spa Visit


A spa trip together or even a voucher for her to enjoy on her own, is a great gift for the busy bee person in your life, who is always working or looking after everyone else, or even for a person who simply loves to be pampered! This is a very thoughtful gift and it is definitely something a woman would love, whether it is a full body message or simply getting her nails painted! Spas offer a range of treatments so there is definitely something for everyone!




What woman doesn’t like to smell amazing! Perfume is and always will be a fail safe gift for a woman, but if you really want to step outside the box, a trip to Jo Malone is what you need! Not only have they got a huge range of scents, but the packaging is also amazing and very luxurious!

These come in a range of sizes, and prices start from €54.00, they also offer a range of gift boxes!



Hampers And Co Logo

Hampers are a great gift idea, for any occasion! Whether it is store-bought or handmade by you, the person on the receiving end is sure to be happy!

This company is based in Ireland and the hampers they make are incredible. There really is something for everyone, from gin lovers to coffee fanatics and they come in a range of prices starting at €13 to €1000!




“Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend”

Jewellery is a frequently bought gift for V-Day, but it isn’t a bad thing! The only problem I see, is not all woman like to wear jewellery, so this could be an issue! If the woman in your life prefers to wear one piece all the time then this company is the one for her!

They offer a range of handmade pieces from rings to necklaces, along with a range of personalised pieces!!

Below are a few necklace styles they offer, which also come in, rose gold and 18k gold!





If buying gifts isn’t something both of you do, then why not make a small gesture by getting a bunch of really pretty flowers! To make it extra special you could get them delivered to her house or work place as a nice surprise to brighten up her day!

I always complained I never got flowers, and then the first year my fiance bought me some, he got them deliver to my house. I couldn’t find the key to the front door, so I had to try and squeeze the flowers through a small windowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, it was awkward and the delivery guy found it hilarious, but the flowers were beautiful!!

That is my list of gift ideas for her for Valentines Day!

But remember it’s not always about giftsπŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading!



My Goals For 2018!

As we all know a new year means a new you or at least working to improve the person you have already become! Whether that means a new diet, new wardrobe, new hair style or even a new occupation, the new year gives us the chance to start on a clean slate!

Today’s blog post is my goals for 2018, ranging from really big, to simple achievable goals! I think it is very important to not only set yourself challenges, but to also set yourself small goals that you know you can achieve, this way you will always be able to check things off your list and not be left disappointed if you can’t complete the tasks you have set out for yourself!



  1. Lose Weight & Have a Healthy Lifestyle


I am currently the heaviest I have ever been, and I’m not afraid to admit that! I had a lot of changes in my life and unfortunately I allowed myself to indulge in a few too many treats! This year I have promised myself I would embrace a new healthier lifestyle!

I am getting married in 2 years and I want to use that as motivation to help get me to the place I want to be! I want to give myself time to work on it and not feel under pressure to lose the weight quickly!

I’m making small but effective changes to get myself started! I am having smaller portions as this is a main problem for me, I tend to eat big meals to the point where I am to full to move! I’m introducing more fruit into my diet to replace snack items. Increasing my water intake is another big change I am trying to make, and to be honest, it is one of the hardest to do! I try to keep a bottle beside me at all times to remind myself to keep drinking the water, but when I forget that bottle my intake for the day is really bad!

2. Apply For Our Mortgage!


This goal is by far the biggest, scariest and most exciting goal I have ever had! Myself and my fiance have been saving for our mortgage for a while now, and things are finally starting to look really good. We have budgeted really well over the past year and from what we have calculated for this coming year we will be hopefully looking to apply for our mortgage approval by the end of 2018!

Having my own home has always been a dream for me and to think it is going to hopefully be a reality this year is scary and very exciting all rolled into one!

I’m going to be an ADULT!


  1. Do More of What Makes Me Happy


I recently realised I don’t do a lot of the things I used to love doing. I have been neglecting my hobbies simply because I have been so busy doing things for other people. I know this sounds nasty but what I mean is, any time I have set aside for my hobbies I end up using it on other people, for example, I go into town to collect stuff for my parents, people pop up unannounced and the time I have set aside is gone. This year I have promised myself I will be more strict when it comes to this, it is time I start looking after myself and if I have time left over I can then use it to do things for others. I hope that makes it sound a little less selfish!Β πŸ˜‚

2. Continue To Work On My Mental Health


I have been working really hard on my mental health for a while now, and I am finally starting to see some good results! It is a long process but every step is a step towards getting it under control and I can see that now! I have been pushing myself to step outside my comfort zones, and putting myself in situations I would usually run away from! It is difficult to do but when you come out the other end alive and in one piece you really do appreciate what you have just done, and it makes it that little bit easier to do it again!

I promised myself to continue to work hard on my MH and to push myself further this year!

3. Give My Blog Some Love Again


If you follow my blog you will know I have really been neglecting it for the past few months! The honest answer I can give for that is, I was spending so much time working on my YouTube channel that I never left time for my blog!

This year I told myself I need to plan my time better and give both my blog and channel an equal amount of love!

I have new ideas I want to introduce to both my platforms and I’m really excited to start them!

4. Reach 300 Subscribers On YouTube


This ones if a funny one for me and I will explain why!

I have had my YouTube channel for 3 year and I have 295 Subscribers, I have been on and off my channel for 2 years, which caused my view counts to suffer (something to do with YouTube’s System). I have been working really hard over the past 3 months to try to get my view back up, but it still seems to be suffering! I have been stuck at 290 subscribers since last year and have managed to increase by 5 subs in the past 3 months.

I’m trying to grow my channel as I love making videos and it helps so much with confidence building, but its hard when your channel isn’t going anywhere and you don’t get much interaction, even after putting loads of time and work into your content. It makes it hard to stay motivated.

I am not willing to give up yet, I have loads of fun ideas which I plan to complete this year, hopefully my channel will start to grow, but for now I am going to enjoy making my content!

5. Get My Hair Done!

Untitled collage

I have had so many different hair styles and colours over the years, but I decided last year I wanted to let my natural colour come back and so I started to grow out my hair. It was so hard to do as I was so tempted to dye my hair again but I stuck with it and I’m finally there!

My hair has grown out so much and it is pretty much my natural colour, about 2 inches at the bottom is still dyed hair but I haven’t had the chance to get it cut off.

Now that I have reached my goal, I want to go and get my hair trimmed and styled so I finally have my new fresh look for 2018!

6. Read More Books


I love to read, but I go through phases! I will read loads for a few months and then I will give up for another few months! This year I want to try to continue to read through the entire year! I want to start reading more educational books and less fiction or at least find a balance!

I have bought my first book to read for 2018 and that is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, I’m really looking forward to getting into it and learning about how she went from drop out to running Nasty Gal!

7. Start Designing Again


Again if you follow my blog you will know I kind of gave up on my Design Diary project. I gave up simply because I wasn’t happy with my designs and I stopped giving myself time to work on it. The more time I spent away from it, the more time I had to find all the faults and reasons to hate it!

This year I want to start working on smaller projects, whether it is designing a dress and actually making it or just simply designing dresses based on some inspiration. Keeping it simple for now is probably my best option, I think throwing myself into a lot of work will just end with me getting bored and forgetting about it, or simply not having the time to finish it!

They are my goals for 2018! I hope I can complete them all, or at least complete some of them! I’m not going to put pressure on myself! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That should have been a goal too, stop putting myself under pressure!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Leave me a comment and let me know what is one of your goals for 2018!

Thank you for reading!


Gift Guide for Her – Under β‚¬100

Christmas is right around the corner and I am so excited!! Now is the time when I usually start picking up my Christmas gifts, other people will already be finished and everything wrapped, but I like to wait until the festive feeling has come around! I love going shopping when all the decorations and trees are up, it really adds to the festive feeling of Christmas shopping!

For today’s post I decided to put together a list of gift ideas under €100, for your daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife or friend, or who ever she may be!


Here are a few options for a girl who is very much into her make up and beauty!

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette



The Urban Decay Heat palette is the new addition to the Naked range, it retails for €47.50 and is available in Debenhams. This palette would be perfect for that make up lover you know, it is such a versatile palette that it is perfect for everyone!

Jeffree Star Mini Nudes Bundle


Jeffree Star never fails when it comes to his products and he is well-known for his quality velour liquid lipsticks! This is a perfect gift for a lipstick junkie, or anyone who loves to rock a natural lip colour! The Mini set is retailed at €51.80 and is available directly from his website Jeffree Star Cosmetics or from Beauty Bay.

Unicorn Cosmetics Royale Collection Brushes



Every makeup lover loves themselves a great set of make up brushes! Unicorns have been front and center the past few months, with different brands creating products inspired by unicorns! And who doesn’t love unicorns!! This set of brushes are again inspired by the unicorn horn and are very pretty with their rose gold handles! These are perfect for a budding make up artist or simply for a beginner! They are retailed at €57.50 and are available on the Beauty Bay website.

LUSH Snow Fairy Box Set



You can never go wrong with a LUSH gift box!! If you know someone in your life who loves sweet scents, then this is the box for them! Everything in this box smells like candy and it is by far my favourite scent from LUSH. There is a huge selection of gift boxes ranging in prices, so there is something for everyone and for every budget! This box retails at €33.95 and is available in store and online at


Next I have a few options for the fashion loving gals!

Zara Studded Bag



Every girl loves a nice hand bag, some more than others, but this bag is perfect for that Fashionista! The red faux leather and the silver hardware work so well together and would be a great addition to a fashion lovers wardrobe! It has a designer look and feel for a fraction of the price! It is retailed at €59.95 and is available online and in stores at Zara.

Nike Trainers



Some girls love bags and others love their trainers! These runners would be perfect for the fitness fanatic woman in your life! They are grey and white with rose gold ticks on the side, these would team up well with any fitness outfit as they are pretty neutral in colour. They are retailed at €90.00 and are available on

Logo T-Shirt




If you have ever been stuck trying to figure out what to buy someone, a logo t-shirt is always a fail safe choice! Whether it is a funny slogan or a simple logo, these t-shirts are great for simple everyday outfits and are often a go to for people! These tops are available at in store and online at River Island and have a starting retail price of €22.00.

Topshop Double Pom Beanie


Accessories are also a good option for Christmas gifts! Coming into the cold months especially in Ireland, these are essential to our every day outfit. Well some people may prefer a hat with no baubles, but sure where is the fun in that! These hats from Topshop are so cute and they have loads of colours to choose from! These hats retail for €20.00 and are also available in store and online!


If you are not sure whether to buy fashion or beauty, these are also very good gift ideas!

Instax Mini 9



The Instax Mini 9 is a great gift idea for anyone really as it is very user-friendly! It is available in a verity of different colours, from pink to blue and each Instax comes with 10 free shots. Refill packs can be bought separately and they also have a wide range of fun themed film to choose from! The Instax is retailed at €89 and is available online or in store at Harvey Norman.

Alex & Ani Bracelet



What girl doesn’t like a bit of jewellery! The Alex and Ani bracelets have been a huge hit in the blogging community and have done very well in the Irish market! These bracelets can be as personal as you want or can be simple! They have so many charms to choose from, from birth stones to Harry Potter themed charms! There is something for everyone and every occasion! They range in prices but this particular one is retailed at €41.00 and is available online or in stores at Arnotts.

I hope this gift guide will be of some help when searching for the perfect gift for her this Christmas!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Tanya!


Zombie Bite Tutorial

It is that time of the year again, where we can all dress like our favourite movie characters or as a brain eating zombie and no one will judge!

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to show you all how to create a zombie bite, or a simple wound.

I have also filmed this for YouTube, so if you would prefer to watch here is the link: Zombie Bite Tutorial

Here is what you will need:


Once you have all you need you can get started!






Finished look!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you would like to see more let me know and I will make sure I make that happen!

If you recreate this please tag me in any pictures so I can check them out!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love Tanya




Leather Love!

Ohhh I am so happy it is Fall!! Fall and Winter are my favourite times of the year in regards fashion! I find I can truly be myself during these months, I can wear my leather jackets whenever I want, and I can layer my clothes!

For this post I decided to style my new little number from Zara, and it is this fab faux leather jacket with silver hardware! I got this for my birthday and I’ve been in love ever since!


I have paired the jacket with my River Island cropped black jeans, this new Khaki green jumper from Primark/Penny’s and my new Chelsea style boots, which are also from Primark/Penny’s!



Zara Jacket


Thank you so much for reading!

Love Tanya!