My Goals For 2018!

As we all know a new year means a new you or at least working to improve the person you have already become! Whether that means a new diet, new wardrobe, new hair style or even a new occupation, the new year gives us the chance to start on a clean slate!

Today’s blog post is my goals for 2018, ranging from really big, to simple achievable goals! I think it is very important to not only set yourself challenges, but to also set yourself small goals that you know you can achieve, this way you will always be able to check things off your list and not be left disappointed if you can’t complete the tasks you have set out for yourself!



  1. Lose Weight & Have a Healthy Lifestyle


I am currently the heaviest I have ever been, and I’m not afraid to admit that! I had a lot of changes in my life and unfortunately I allowed myself to indulge in a few too many treats! This year I have promised myself I would embrace a new healthier lifestyle!

I am getting married in 2 years and I want to use that as motivation to help get me to the place I want to be! I want to give myself time to work on it and not feel under pressure to lose the weight quickly!

I’m making small but effective changes to get myself started! I am having smaller portions as this is a main problem for me, I tend to eat big meals to the point where I am to full to move! I’m introducing more fruit into my diet to replace snack items. Increasing my water intake is another big change I am trying to make, and to be honest, it is one of the hardest to do! I try to keep a bottle beside me at all times to remind myself to keep drinking the water, but when I forget that bottle my intake for the day is really bad!

2. Apply For Our Mortgage!


This goal is by far the biggest, scariest and most exciting goal I have ever had! Myself and my fiance have been saving for our mortgage for a while now, and things are finally starting to look really good. We have budgeted really well over the past year and from what we have calculated for this coming year we will be hopefully looking to apply for our mortgage approval by the end of 2018!

Having my own home has always been a dream for me and to think it is going to hopefully be a reality this year is scary and very exciting all rolled into one!

I’m going to be an ADULT!


  1. Do More of What Makes Me Happy


I recently realised I don’t do a lot of the things I used to love doing. I have been neglecting my hobbies simply because I have been so busy doing things for other people. I know this sounds nasty but what I mean is, any time I have set aside for my hobbies I end up using it on other people, for example, I go into town to collect stuff for my parents, people pop up unannounced and the time I have set aside is gone. This year I have promised myself I will be more strict when it comes to this, it is time I start looking after myself and if I have time left over I can then use it to do things for others. I hope that makes it sound a little less selfish! 😂

2. Continue To Work On My Mental Health


I have been working really hard on my mental health for a while now, and I am finally starting to see some good results! It is a long process but every step is a step towards getting it under control and I can see that now! I have been pushing myself to step outside my comfort zones, and putting myself in situations I would usually run away from! It is difficult to do but when you come out the other end alive and in one piece you really do appreciate what you have just done, and it makes it that little bit easier to do it again!

I promised myself to continue to work hard on my MH and to push myself further this year!

3. Give My Blog Some Love Again


If you follow my blog you will know I have really been neglecting it for the past few months! The honest answer I can give for that is, I was spending so much time working on my YouTube channel that I never left time for my blog!

This year I told myself I need to plan my time better and give both my blog and channel an equal amount of love!

I have new ideas I want to introduce to both my platforms and I’m really excited to start them!

4. Reach 300 Subscribers On YouTube


This ones if a funny one for me and I will explain why!

I have had my YouTube channel for 3 year and I have 295 Subscribers, I have been on and off my channel for 2 years, which caused my view counts to suffer (something to do with YouTube’s System). I have been working really hard over the past 3 months to try to get my view back up, but it still seems to be suffering! I have been stuck at 290 subscribers since last year and have managed to increase by 5 subs in the past 3 months.

I’m trying to grow my channel as I love making videos and it helps so much with confidence building, but its hard when your channel isn’t going anywhere and you don’t get much interaction, even after putting loads of time and work into your content. It makes it hard to stay motivated.

I am not willing to give up yet, I have loads of fun ideas which I plan to complete this year, hopefully my channel will start to grow, but for now I am going to enjoy making my content!

5. Get My Hair Done!

Untitled collage

I have had so many different hair styles and colours over the years, but I decided last year I wanted to let my natural colour come back and so I started to grow out my hair. It was so hard to do as I was so tempted to dye my hair again but I stuck with it and I’m finally there!

My hair has grown out so much and it is pretty much my natural colour, about 2 inches at the bottom is still dyed hair but I haven’t had the chance to get it cut off.

Now that I have reached my goal, I want to go and get my hair trimmed and styled so I finally have my new fresh look for 2018!

6. Read More Books


I love to read, but I go through phases! I will read loads for a few months and then I will give up for another few months! This year I want to try to continue to read through the entire year! I want to start reading more educational books and less fiction or at least find a balance!

I have bought my first book to read for 2018 and that is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, I’m really looking forward to getting into it and learning about how she went from drop out to running Nasty Gal!

7. Start Designing Again


Again if you follow my blog you will know I kind of gave up on my Design Diary project. I gave up simply because I wasn’t happy with my designs and I stopped giving myself time to work on it. The more time I spent away from it, the more time I had to find all the faults and reasons to hate it!

This year I want to start working on smaller projects, whether it is designing a dress and actually making it or just simply designing dresses based on some inspiration. Keeping it simple for now is probably my best option, I think throwing myself into a lot of work will just end with me getting bored and forgetting about it, or simply not having the time to finish it!

They are my goals for 2018! I hope I can complete them all, or at least complete some of them! I’m not going to put pressure on myself! 😂😂 That should have been a goal too, stop putting myself under pressure!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Leave me a comment and let me know what is one of your goals for 2018!

Thank you for reading!