Coby’s Collars Christmas Collection!

It is finally that time of the year were we can listen to Christmas music and watch festive movies without people giving out to you!

I have been working very had to get the Christmas collection ready to launch on my Etsy account, and all the hard work has finally paid off!


Coby’s Collars first Christmas collection is now live, I am so excited to share our new designs with you all!

To celebrate the new collection I am giving all my readers 10% off your purchase! To get the discount simply enter TDD123 at the check out!

In the Collection I have added 5 bandanas, Glitter bows in 3 styles and 3 different Christmas stockings for your pets!

All the pieces are handmade and finished to the highest of quality and all fabric used is 100% cotton unless started otherwise.

Check out our social media pages if you would like to see more products or images of our customers!

If you purchase any of the products do share pictures of them on your pets with us on Facebook @cobyscollars1 or Instagram @cobyscollars

If you want to check out our store I will link it HERE.

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My Sitting Room Decor Ideas!

If you haven’t seen my kitchen decor post, then you may not know that my fiance and I are buying a house in the coming months. I decided to start putting together inspiration boards on how we might decorate the house.

This is where this series comes in, I will show you what I imagined growing up and what we settled on together.

For today’s post I have my sitting room decor ideas, if you want to see my Kitchen Decor Ideas post, click Here.

Living The Gothic Life!


As I mentioned in my last interiors post, growing up I had a great love for Gothic architecture as well as Gothic decor and clothing. To this day I still have a love for it, but just not as intense! Although I don’t wish to decorate my house entirely Gothic, I would like to bring some elements into it. I love the idea of dark walls and melted pillar candles, but maybe adding more bright elements to balance it out!

The Bright Side of Life


While I loved everything Gothic, I also loved the idea of a warm and cosy sitting room! I always wanted a sitting room full of blankets, candles and an open fire. The main reason for this was winters growing up. I used to come home from school and my mam would have the fire lit and food on the table. I would get into my pajamas and cuddle up on the couch watching my favorite movies. I always dreamed of doing this with my own family in my own home.

Black Is The New White


Originally we were going to have a white sitting room with gray couches, you know the ‘Instagram’ sitting room. We then both realised that wasn’t us, but more of how we felt our home should look! We sat down and came up with our dream sitting room, black walls! Yes we want to paint our walls black, but in a tasteful way. We want to have at least one black wall in the sitting room and the rest white, to make it balance. We can then add colour using cushions, plants, paintings and of course blankets! We felt this sitting room was definitely us and it still had the cosy atmosphere that I wanted! At this point we both can’t wait to get our house and start making it our own!!

Those are my three decor boards, which one did you prefer?

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more Interior posts!


DIY Make-Up Bag!

I am always complaining I can’t find a makeup bag big enough to fit all of my makeup and palettes, so I decided to design and make my own!

I wanted a bag that could fit all my palettes as well as keep all of my brushes together, making it much easier for traveling!

Here is a tutorial on how to make the bag as well as the patterns, which are linked below. Alongside them, you will also find a link to my YouTube video of this tutorial!





Bag Pattern : HERE

If you would prefer to watch the tutorial check it out here!

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How To Make A Skirt Pattern/Block

Growing up I always wanted to know how to make my own clothes! This led me to study Fashion Design in college!

I’m very passionate about design and decided it would be fun to teach others how to make their own clothes, so I set up a new YouTube channel. This channel will be solely dedicated to Fashion Design and construction! Continue reading “How To Make A Skirt Pattern/Block”

Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Valentines day is fast approaching, and now is the time to start looking for gifts for your loved one, your friend or even yourself! I was never hugely into V-Day until I met my Fiance, now we take this time to get away for a day or two and just spend all our time with each other!

In this blog post you will find my top gifts for her for V-Day, remember it’s not always about the gifts, but more so the time you get to spend with each other, which brings me to my first gift idea! Continue reading “Valentines Day Gifts For Her”

My Goals For 2018!

As we all know a new year means a new you or at least working to improve the person you have already become! Whether that means a new diet, new wardrobe, new hair style or even a new occupation, the new year gives us the chance to start on a clean slate!

Today’s blog post is my goals for 2018, ranging from really big, to simple achievable goals! I think it is very important to not only set yourself challenges, but to also set yourself small goals that you know you can achieve, this way you will always be able to check things off your list and not be left disappointed if you can’t complete the tasks you have set out for yourself! Continue reading “My Goals For 2018!”

Gift Guide for Her – Under €100

Christmas is right around the corner and I am so excited!! Now is the time when I usually start picking up my Christmas gifts, other people will already be finished and everything wrapped, but I like to wait until the festive feeling has come around! I love going shopping when all the decorations and trees are up, it really adds to the festive feeling of Christmas shopping! Continue reading “Gift Guide for Her – Under €100”

Zombie Bite Tutorial

It is that time of the year again, where we can all dress like our favourite movie characters or as a brain eating zombie and no one will judge!

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to show you all how to create a zombie bite, or a simple wound. Continue reading “Zombie Bite Tutorial”

Leather Love!

Ohhh I am so happy it is Fall!! Fall and Winter are my favourite times of the year in regards fashion! I find I can truly be myself during these months, I can wear my leather jackets whenever I want, and I can layer my clothes!

For this post I decided to style my new little number from Zara, and it is this fab faux leather jacket with silver hardware! I got this for my birthday and I’ve been in love ever since!


I have paired the jacket with my River Island cropped black jeans, this new Khaki green jumper from Primark/Penny’s and my new Chelsea style boots, which are also from Primark/Penny’s!



Zara Jacket


Thank you so much for reading!

Love Tanya!


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Review

My fiance James bought me the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for my birthday, if you have seen my birthday wish list post you will know it was right on the top of that list, so as you can imagine I was pretty excited when I unwrapped my present!

Seen as this is the new version in the Instax family, I decided to do a quick review of the camera, looking at some of the new features and what I personally like and dislike about the camera!

The Packaging


I will be honest I am a sucker for packaging, I am the type of person who will buy or not buy a product based on how the item is presented!

After unwrapping a 100 layers of pink paper, I was happy to see this gorgeous Smoky White colour box! I really liked this colour out of the line up of shades available in the mini 9 collection!

The box is clear and simple and not overloaded with unnecessary junk! It has the name, model, some features, the camera itself and some sample photo shots! I like packaging that is clean and presented well and this is definitely that!

What Is In The Box


Inside the box is another box and beside this was a silver foil packet, this contained the 10 free Polaroid shots that comes with this kit!

I will be honest I was a little disappointed with the layout, I was expecting to open the outside box to find the camera displayed nicely in a tray mold, but I wasn’t expecting separate packaging. Obviously it is only packaging and it doesn’t take away from the camera itself, but it was just something I felt when I opened it.


The inner box contained the camera itself, which came is a protective sleeve, which I have thrown out! As well as the camera there was 2x AA batteries, instruction manuals, an Instax sticker, a close up lens attachment and a camera strap.

The Camera Itself


The camera looks very similar to the previous model, the mini 8, but you will see some new additions!


The first difference you will spot on the front is the small mirror beside the lens, this is in fact a selfie mirror, to make it easier for users to take selfie shots with the camera. I think this is a great addition, because let’s be honest, we all love taking selfies! This little addition will help prevent the user from not actually being in the shot because they had the angle wrong!!


The next addition is the close up lens attachment, this clips onto the front of the camera lens and it also has a hoop to allow it to be tied to the camera. Although it does not come with a string to tie it on. This attachment allows for close-ups of up to 35cm away. I haven’t felt the need to use the close up lens yet, so I can’t comment on how it works, but I will update later when I have tried it out!

Like the Mini 8, the Mini 9 come with 5 brightness modes, these are as follows,


Hi-Key: Takes pictures with a softer impression


Sunny, Slightly Cloudy

Cloudy, Shade

Indoors, Night

The Instax Mini 9 also informs the user of the best setting to use, it automatically determines the best brightness setting and lights up the right option to allow the user to change it before taking the picture!

The back of the camera is kept simple, it has the compartment for the film to go into, a small window at the bottom corner shows how many shots are remaining in the camera. In the top corner you have the view finder, I will be straight and say I found this a little awkward when I first got it. I couldn’t really see through it as it is so small, when you have long eyelashes it is also though! I am slowly getting used to it, but I would have liked it to have been a bit bigger.

One last thing I wanted to add is the weight, I was expecting the camera to be really light as it looks like it would be, but it is in fact on the heavy side, but I don’t mind that in the slightest!

I am happy to say I am delighted with the camera, and I wasn’t let down! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful instant camera! The camera is priced at €95.00 and the refill packets start at €10.00, but many places do special offers on both the camera’s and the refills, so always shop around for the best deals!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Thank you so much for reading,

Love Tanya